Our Vision

Liquidity management and international payments for decentralised financial networks.

Real time solutions for multi-currency global liquidity management, FX and international payments based on tokenized money over a smart contract-enabled, decentralized ledger.

Our Solutions

CBDC Suite

An in-depth solution for Central Banks to deliver a direct issuance CBDC offering domestically.

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LiquidityHub T.O

Provides complete liquidity management platform for a banking group with multiple subsidiaries.

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PayHub T.O

Instant clearing and settlement of international transfers for the banking group and its clients.

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Treasury T.O for Corporates

Advanced treasury management solutions for corporates.

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FX Liquidity Exchange T.O

FX Liquidity Exchange T.0 is the solution for a collection of banks or an FX marketplace operator to develop a business cornerstone of the emerging digital currency / CBDC market.

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Interbank Payments T.O

A complete platform for interbank cross currency payments providing real time payments orchestration, dynamic FX pricing and atomic settlement on CBDCs and commercial bank tokenized money.

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Our Clients

Banks & Financial Institutions

Liquidity visibility & dynamic pricing for


Liquidity & payment transparency with start treasury tools.

Central Banks

Solutions for wholesale liquidity & payment schemes.

Our Team

Decades of experience across commercial banking technology, capital markets, blockchain and product design & development.