Adhara Receives Global ISO 27001 Certification

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​​Adhara Receives Global ISO 27001 Certification

Adhara Ltd is pleased to announce its achievement of the ISO 27001 certification, an industry recognised and globally accepted benchmark for ensuring the security of business information assets.

Global trends such as work-from-home covid protocols and cyber attacks have seen an increase in malicious data security threats. The banking industry has been disproportionately impacted, experiencing a surge in ransomware attacks that is only expected to increase.

Considering this, Adhara believes that meeting the voluntary ISO 27001 Certification is critical to business strategy when it comes to protecting the data and digital assets of our stakeholders and clients.

Peter Munnings, Adhara’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder commented on the accomplishment saying, “As a software company we are 100% committed to providing high quality, enterprise-grade products to our banking and market infrastructure clients. This certification gives them the additional confidence that our products and processes are not only mature but secure.”

Certification goals included: 

  • Ensure data confidentiality through the application of tools such as MDM, MFA, tokens and data encryption
  • Drive data integrity through rigorous process and access controls to software development and delivery systems
  • Minimize potential software data vulnerabilities through methodical testing, monitoring and release management to the technology stack used by clients and stakeholders 

Our ISO 27001 Certification as well as our public Data Protection Policies are available on request from privacy[at]

adhara iso certificate
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