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CBDCs have been fast-tracked towards the top of the agenda for the Central Banking community, the desire to meaningfully participate to understand emerging models and standards, shape domestic opportunities and grasp cross border regionally or internationally possibilities.

Adhara’s CBDC Suite provides Central Banks with the ability to prototype, deploy and deliver the key components needed to model and manage a CBDC network. Our extensive experience with leading Central Banks and well respected industry initiatives such as Fnality International*, is evidence of the complete enterprise grade solution that Adhara has to offer.

Adhara’s CBDC Suite enables Central Banks to:

Quickly and cost effectively deploy a CBDC network with the required connectivity and management tools for participating banks to model a direct issuance distributed CBDC RTGS network.

Provide a network for tokenised assets enabling a real time view and instant settlement where they can explore structural benefits around reduced settlement risk, new liquidity options, increased traceability and transparency and simplified reporting and compliance.

Simulate their role as a Central Bank issuer, develop an understanding of their operational requirements.

Create a practical foundation to develop other digital asset classes and explore interoperability internationally.

* Adhara has been appointed by Fnality International to their ecosystem of vendors as a trusted partner, specifically on the design, configuration and implementation of the blockchain elements. This is in line with Fnality’s long term goal to pursue an open collaboration model for multiple partners for development of the Fnality Global Payments and associated software products. Adhara’s experience of working with Commercial Banks, Central Banks and Exchanges on Liquidity Mgt, FX and Payments provides broad input to Fnality at this stage of their journey.

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