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FundNet is a business solution dedicated to serving the intraday funding needs of Treasury related to Credit, Loans and Deliverable Liquidity (FX) Swaps.

FundNet fits into the scope of the broader “New Intraday Liquidity Pool” for Treasury to access (settlement liquidity optimisation). It also becomes a business opportunity for treasuries looking to create new revenue lines and become a liquidity provider.

FundNet provides Treasury:

  • Instant access to both credit and loan products: Transfer settlement liquidity for instant deployment, based on commercial arrangements with other participants
  • Instant mobilisation of balances across currencies: Using FundNet’s deliverable settlement liquidity FX swap, treasuries can put excess balances to work instantly

FundNet can operate with Commercial Bank or Central Bank digital cash and across different networks or on the same network.

It is also possible to operate with other digital assets, i.e. as a broader Digital Liquidity Exchange.

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