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FX Liquidity Exchange T.0 is the solution for a collection of banks or an FX marketplace operator to develop a business cornerstone of the emerging digital currency / CBDC market.

FX Liquidity Exchange T.0 enables operators to offer a banks’ Treasury or FX Desk to activate their new strategies for sourcing instant settlement liquidity, providing them the ability to source settlement liquidity, negotiate, preclear and connect to settlement finality in one fast process.

The key to realising the benefits of instantly settlement of FX deals in CBDC is a combination of reduced RWA, reduced settlement risks and reduced complexity of end to end FX processes.

Capable of operating with Commercial bank or Central Bank digital cash and across different networks or on the same network as the settlement asset, FX Liquidity Exchange T.0 orchestrates the end to end process as a single digital object in the form of smart contracts that ensure visibility and certainty.

Reusing the Liquidity Manager component to provide a professional user experience from prototyping to early production and the possibility to add additional risk management capabilities or connect to other solutions such as LiquidityHub T.0.

It is also possible for the FX Liquidity Exchange T.0 to operate with other digital assets, i.e. as a broader Digital Liquidity Exchange.