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Adhara is a global team with decades of experience across commercial banking technology, capital markets, blockchain and product design.


A shared vision for
regulated markets

Co-Founder & CEO
  • Julio
Co-Founder & CPO
  • Ed
Co-Founder & COO
  • Pete
Business and Product

With a wealth of
experience across
commercial and
investment banking, as
well as financial technology
firms, Adhara’s business
office has a deep
understanding of the
industry and the
requirements to transform
regulated markets.
Adhara’s business hub is
primarily located in the UK.

Business Expertise
  • Dominic Longman –
    Payments Solutions
  • Vincent Welensky –
    Treasury Operations
  • Carla Du Toit –
    Business Product Management Lead
  • John Ward –
    Lead Product Designer
Market Initiatives
  • Tanya Knowles –
    Cash Market Infrastructure & Ecosystem Initiatives
  • Kim Dancey –
    Payment Market Infrastructure & Industry Initiatives
Commercialisation & Delivery
  • Gordon McKenzie –
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Nadya Yaramenko –
    Business Development
  • Armin Dobernig –
    Solutions Delivery Lead
  • Cara Renze –
    Product Marketing Lead
Technology and Engineering

Adhara’s offering is backed
by an engineering team of
30+ experts with
excellence in cryptography,
enterprise systems and
end user app
development. Adhara’s
development Hubs are
primarily located in Spain
and South Africa.

Technology Office
  • Hector Rhodes –
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Katy Bravo –
    Technical Product Management Lead
Development Leads
  • Squad Leads?
  • Blockchain Lead?
  • Software Lead?
  • Platform Lead?
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