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With the emergence of new market structures driven by the capabilities of digital currency, the network operators face a new set of challenges and opportunities.

Digital currency creates new liquidly pools and importantly new ways for Treasury and FX to source that liquidity in real time.

Creates the opportunity to more dynamically price (FX) for payments and route via these lower risk liquidity sources.

Adhara has the solutions to enable operators to shape new business lines quickly as the CBDC market evolves positioning them at the front of the wave, adapting their existing assets or footprint.

Adhara’s Interbank Payments T.0 platform offer payment network operators the possibility to efficiently implement digital payment orchestration processes well beyond messages, allowing them to offer revolutionary and new payment rails for banks and their clients including real time payments, dynamic fx and cross currency conversions, and atomic settlement through CBDCs and commercial bank settlement coins.

Adhara will also partner with operators of FX and Liquidity marketplaces to develop new business platforms geared to the new market structure of wholesale CBDC and (FIAT) digital currency more broadly. As a market leader in the provision of software to ground breaking initiatives in the wholesale CBDC space, Adhara has developed solutions such as FundNet that is natively prepared to operate in the new CBDC market structure and take their clients on the journey to this new tokenised future for settlement liquidity.

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