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A complete platform for interbank cross currency payments providing real time payments orchestration, dynamic FX pricing and atomic settlement on CBDCs and commercial bank tokenized money.

Interbank cross currency payments are often inefficient due to the use of multiple bilateral messages, lack of appropriate orchestration, and decoupling from settlement processes. The result is long settlement cycles, frequent operational errors, price and time uncertainty, and in general low service quality to clients.

Adhara’s Interbank Payments T.0 provides network operators and bank consortiums a new, revolutionary platform that supports end-to-end payments as single digital objects in real time, avoiding the need for bilateral messages and eliminating the need for reconciliations and the possibility of errors and inconsistencies.

Regional payments platforms based on Adhara’s Interbank Payments T.0 offer participant banks significant benefits:

Send and receive payments in real time where the payment status now becomes unequivocal, and settlement commitments can be known and monitored, thus eliminating settlement risk and greatly improving the ability to manage Fx risk.

Fx prices can be set and managed dynamically in real time for cross currency payments.

Know the exact status of payments in real time, and who is next in the processing chain.

Visualize settlement commitments in all currencies at all times – which reduces liquidity needs and enables better Fx risk management.

Support corporate clients and harness the power of a larger network with partner banks (e.g. for advanced, real time treasury services).

Participate as individual member or use the network to connect to correspondent banking franchise clients.

View a demonstration of Adhara’s Inter Bank payments T.0 solution showcased with UnionBank at the Singapore Fintech Festival at https://vimeo.com/372349166

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