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Revolutionize your liquidity management capabilities with a new tokenized platform.
Optimal for a banking group with multiple subsidiaries.

LiquidityHub T.0 delivers the Bank Treasurer real-time visibility of tokenised liquidity and control of its own nostro balances and, depending on the set-up, of balances of other entities of the group on the network.

Real-time visibility of liquidity and money movement, delivered through tokenisation of balances.

Immediate availability of liquidity forecast for subsidiaries/ branches.

Lower nostro pre-funding requirements (just one nostro at the hub, no nostros needed at other subsidiaries). Rebalancing of liquidity only needed for net flows amounts, not gross.

Simplification of foreign currency positions for subsidiaries, delivering easy to hedge market risk (local currency against Hub CCY).

Easy regulatory reporting (easier to track capitalization requirements).

Simplification of intra-group funding capabilities (incl. cash credit lines, overdraft capabilities, cash netting and cash sweeping) and higher degree of certainty of repayment.

Works with PayHub T.0 to provide a comprehensive suite of transaction capabilities.

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